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The Darebin Enterprise Centre provides a range of professional spaces to coworkers and incubator clients. Our various facilities include:

Office space

This entails a business exclusively occupying an office full-time. These can be found at our general business incubator at Alphington and at our Creative and Digital Arts Incubator in Northcote.

Warehouse space

Warehouse space is only available at our Alphington site in various sizes.

Coworking space

Coworking means working together in a shared environment – of which we have two. The Station is a small, focussed coworking space on the ground floor of artDECL, while Banyule digiDECL is a larger space at The Mall in Heidelberg West.


Please note we do not offer office or warehouse space to businesses who are not a part of our incubation program (this includes using the space for storage).


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