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Darebin Enterprise Centre Business Incubator Melbourne

 The Darebin Enterprise Centre (DECL) is located in Alphington, VIC, just outside of Melbourne.

The site of this general business incubator was chosen for its ability to cater for a range of small business sectors including service-based, light manufacturing and horticultural businesses.

This general business incubator has been in operation since 1997.

DECL’s second incubator, artDECL, is dedicated to creative and digital arts businesses.

It’s located in Northcote, a known hub of creativity that will help keep our client businesses in touch with the artistic community.

ArtDECL is currently home to games developers, multimedia designers, consultants, and many other creative businesses.

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DECL also runs an Indigenous Business Incubation Program.

This program assists entrepreneurs, business owners and Indigenous community organisations to successfully roll-out new business ventures and strengthen existing enterprises.

DECL provides Indigenous businesses owners with mentoring and assists in the development of business plans.

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The Station is our newest venture, a coworking space on the ground floor of the artDECL building.

This decidated coworking environment, ideal for anyone keen to leave the home office and be around other like-minded professionals.

Membership is month-to-month, and we even have a discounted rate for those wanting to use the space 2 days per week or less.

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Designed to meet the needs of locals, digiDECL provides a high-energy and community-minded work space. It is ideal for start-up businesses, freelancers, microbusinesses, and other professionals who would otherwise work from home.

Membership is month-to-month. We offer a discounted rate for members who use the space 2 day or less per week.

Located above the Post Office at The Mall, Heidelberg West, this space comes with high-speed internet, meeting rooms, free parking, and close proximity to shops.

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On Business Incubation…

A business incubator’s prime objective is to provide mentoring and support to start-up and growing businesses. Small to medium-sized enterprises are very important to the economic prosperity of a region. Unfortunately, the survival rates of small to medium-sized businesses are not promising – 80% do not survive beyond 5 years. Small businesses need to be nurtured, particularly through their initial start-up phase. This is where business incubators such as the Darebin Enterprise Centre can greatly assist.

Businesses considered for Incubation in any of the aforementioned programs include:

  • Start-up businesses
  • Home-based businesses
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • New businesses with a capacity and willingness to expand
  • Indigenous businesses in Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia.

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