The Future is Video Content

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Video content is quickly becoming vital for the success of businesses online. According to this Cisco report, by 2019, “consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.”

This predicted rapid growth is due to consumers’ preference for video content. We are choosing to fulfill our information and entertainment needs with video – and if small businesses do not include it in their online marketing strategies, they will inevitably fall behind.

Think of YouTube. It receives more than one billion visitors per month. Its content ranges from instructional videos and DIY tips, to video blogs and pure entertainment – with personalised reviews and cat videos in between.

Why video? It’s captivating and convenient. It’s easy to view – users don’t have to strain their eyes like with text. It’s also easy to digest.

The best kind of video is concise, relevant, and on point.

Another reason small businesses need to get video content on their websites stat is because it’s very important for Search Engine Optimisation. One of the many factors search engines take into account when ranking search results is rich content – so video is not only important for engaging with customers/clients, but for being found by them in the first place.

It doesn’t have to cost you the earth to create video content. Smartphones are capable of recording high quality footage, so you can set one up in the comfort of your own office/work environment, and most computers come with basic video editing software.

Film an introductory video for your homepage. Use video blogs instead of basic text. Start a YouTube channel for your business. There are many ways to integrate video into your online strategy, so be creative and have fun with it.

The other plus is that videos have the capacity to go viral due to their inherent shareability. Who knows? You might be the next Dollar Shave Club.

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